Solar For Residence

The rising costs of conventional energy sources have led to a surge in thoughts for using alternative energy sources. Apart from giving sustainable power, in schools & colleges, solar systems also give students an opportunity to learn and imbibe the spirit of sustainable solar power and conserving the planet.

Recube Energy provides a range of solutions to aide all institutes looking to take a green step for a brighter tomorrow.

Mr. Pushppreet Kalra
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Capacity: 17.75 kWp
Location: Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Solar PV Panels: Vikram

Inverters: Sungrow 20kW

Lifetime Savings: 56,07,000/-

CO2 Offset: 497 Tonnes

Equivalent Trees Planted: 141 Trees

Mr Ajay Aswani
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Capacity: 11.86 kWp

Location: Model Town, Delhi

Solar PV Panels: Renewsys Mono Perc

Inverters: Sungrow 12kW

Lifetime Savings:37,47,000/-

CO2 Offset: 332 Tonnes

Equivalent Trees Planted: 95 Trees

Dr. KD Broota
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Capacity: 18 kWp

Location: Roop Nagar, Delhi

Solar PV Panels: Navitas

Inverters: ABB 10kW+ ABB 8kW 

Lifetime Savings: 56,86,000/-

CO2 Offset: 504 Tonnes

Equivalent Trees Planted: 143 Trees

GGN Farmhouse
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Capacity: 6.5 kWp

Location: Badshahpur, Gurugram

Solar PV Panels: Eastman

Inverters: Eastman 6kW

CO2 Offset: 182 Tonnes

Equivalent Trees Planted: 52 Trees