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  • How does solar technology work?

PV system is a power station that generates electricity from sunlight. The main components of a Solar PV system are:

  1. Solar PV Modules

  2. Solar Inverter

  3. Solar Module Mounting Structure

  4. Batteries (If Required)

  • Why should you install solar power plant

  1. Generate your own power by Soaking the Sun.

  2. Say Good Bye to immensely high bills.

  3. Everyone has a Carbon Footprint. Reduce Yours.

  4. A Investment with better returns than any other.

  5. Easy maintenance and a long term solution

  • What is the warranty period of solar power plant?

Solar PV Modules - 25 years warranty, i.e.

10 years for 90% performance & next 15 years for 80% performance

Solar Inverters- 5 year warranty

This can be extended by AMC packages

  • What is the return on investment and saving

The RoI on solar plant is from 20%-30% depending on the system size and the structure you decide to install. Our 10kW product will help you save around Rs.45 lakhs in its lifetime.

  • What is the maintenance required for my solar system?

A solar system requires minimal maintenance as there are no moving parts. While panels come with 25 years warranty, individual components have different warranties. Regular cleaning of the panels, once in 15 days, is enough for optimal performance of the system.

  • Can Subsidy be Availed?

Yes, Subsidy can be availed for Solar Plants installed on Residence or Group Housing Societies. Commercial & Industrial Consumers can avail Accelerated Depreciation (40% per Annum) on their Solar Assets